apply for grad-school or switch jobs first? advice please.

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graduated 2 years ago, non-target large state school, business degree. spent the first 8 months post-grad traveling due to a delayed start date. about 1.5 years of work experience at a boutique consutling firm (not strategy, more operational efficiency / regulatory work). 24 years old.

The past 1.5 years in consulting has been an eye-opening, transformational experience, i've worked at nearly 12 different banks/companies, and matured immensely in both personally and professionally. Through this experience though, I've realized that I have true passion for real estate, and opportunities to do anything close to that simply doesn't exist my firm. even if opportunities did exist in something like valuation/transaction services, I dont' want to travel anymore, I want a normal work/life balance.

FInally, I just want to add, that I'm not interested in RE-IB or anything that requires rediculous hours. Looking for something interesting/fulfilling, 40-60 hours a week, don't care about earning 300K+, would be happy eventually earning 150-250K after putting in a my years...

Thus, knowing this background, I was curious to know if people think I should try to:
1) try to switch jobs into real estate (then apply later if needed), if so, what? and how? (i feel like there is alot of over-qualified RE professionals in the market right now, and most firms rather not a take a risk hiring someone like me)

2) Should apply immediately to a 1-year masters program (willing to explore schools in europe)

3) stay where I am, and wait another year or two and apply go to a top 20 b-school (probably don't have the qualifications for top 5 or 10 program) ....however won't not have pre-mba real estate experience hurt my ability to "fully" leverage my MBA?

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Jul 3, 2011