applying for back offices but with an intern at front office

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The question really bothers me for some days. I am now doing tons of the online applications. Definitely, I wanna get into a front office and I interned with asset management (hedge fund) of a local boutique firm this summer. But I have applied some operations and finance positions as my plan B. I am worrying that in the interview, I would be asked why choosing back offices instead of the fancy front offices. And I have not come up with a satisfactory answer so far. Could anyone here give me some advice on this?

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Oct 31,2009
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Oct 31,2009

Could i say that in the interview? it seems that i cannot fully devoted...

Oct 31,2009

I'm not sure what your credentials are, but don't apply to back office unless you don't really have a chance at front office at all. You'll end up compromising and taking a back office position and it's very hard to make the case later why you had that position.

Better to stick with smaller investment banks, or even other positions (i.e. equity research, asset management, hedge fund, S&T), than to take a back office position at a BB.

Oct 31,2009