Applying to JPM and GS as a Rising Sophomore

Quick question. The regular junior year summer analyst program for GS/JPM don't require you to be a rising junior to apply through their website and so I thought I would apply as a rising sophomore even though I imagine it is incredibly difficult to get an offer. It seems like there is no harm in applying, and it might help to get more familiar with the process for next year. My only hesitation is that if I am rejected this year, it might negatively impact my chances next year, which is obviously much more important.

Does anyone know if having previously applied to these internships and being rejected has a negative impact on your chances in the future?

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Jul 11, 2019

Same position as you. I spoke with HR and VPs/associates about it, and they said just apply to see if anything happens, but even with a push its unlikely due to diversity candidates. If you've got people pushing you through the process, I would apply. They said it wouldn't hurt your chances for next year, but wouldn't increase your chances either.

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Jul 11, 2019