Appreciate your advices on career change from accounting to finance.

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First thread here on WSO. Appreciate your help, advices, tips, leads or anything on a career change from accounting to finance. Open to all in finance - corporate finance, PE, VC, banking, consulting and etc... in any capacity.

Background about myself:

MBA - Boston College,
CFA charterholder since 2018,
CPA license since 2010,
5 years in public accounting at Big Four auditing investment companies,
4 years in accounting at investment companies (one Fortune 500, the other a giant fund); last two years in the greater NYC metro,
Unemployed since last week.

Most recent employer had "dismal year" (to quote a news article) resulting in reduced headcount. Unfortunately for me, my role didn't survive the cut. It's all business; all good.

Being a decent saver, I can ride out the unemployment situation for a while (though not indefinitely). Wanted to take my time to consider the a potential career change carefully. Am also thinking of extended travel (6-9 months) to clear my head and plan next steps.

Based on my background, I am curious as to how best to break into finance in NYC?

Thank you!

United States - Northeast

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Jan 14, 2019