Are billionaires lazy? Compared to those who have nothing

I'm not talking about the process and hard work to become a billionaire. But once your bank account has 10 digits, you can afford to hire a lot of help. You have people who drive you, cook for you, dress you, take your kids to school, set up events, ETC.

So what I am asking is, once you hit that number where you don't have to work anymore, and everything you want done in your life is done by giving a verbal order. Does that make you a lazy person?

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Mar 26, 2018

I think you're out of touch with the number of things rich people still do. Sure they might not do menial tasks, but they still need to continue exerting effort on the things that made them originally rich.

Sure, maybe when they retire, they can afford to be lazier, but calling billionaries lazy is just stupid

Mar 26, 2018