Are coffee chats and reaching out by LinkedIn a thing in London?

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So I've read a lot about coffee chats and their importance. I wonder if people based in Europe/London could relate to it. I personally have never heard of somebody who actually does. Maybe if you had a connection with this person before, but texting somebody on LinkedIn you dont know seems weird...

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  •  Aug 13, 2019

Usually a phone call but if they're friendly and have time it could become a coffee, from my personal experience in LinkedIn networking in London

Aug 13, 2019

Have gone for a coffee with uni students before - get a lot of people reaching out on LI, I always try and give them some advice. Never did this myself, but I guess times change!

Aug 14, 2019

Do you think, since the recruiting season is about to start, it is worth to simply reach out to my uni's alumni for a talk/chat?


Aug 14, 2019

I don't see why not. I played rugby at uni and have always used that background as a starting point for my network - I'd suggest reaching out to older students that graduated a few years ago and that you got on well with inside a society or the like. Even if this isn't an option, well worthwhile at least sending an alumnus a cold message on LI.

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Aug 14, 2019

It tends to be more tribal. For example almost every Italian guy in London went to Boconni so it's not uncommon for Italian guys to reach out to established Italian guys who also came from Boconni. Same with the French and the Germans. If you're English it may be more of an issue as the English like the concept of "fair play" and generally think more along class lines than national identity lines. For example an English guy will be more likely to help a fellow non-English Oxbridge grad than another English guy from Sunderland University.

Aug 14, 2019