are decisions ever made about applicants before Superdays/Final Rounds?

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Had a final round a lil over a week ago for an IB position. and I felt like I was already dinged before stepping into the interview.

the most senior interviewer asked me almost no questions and didn't seem to be at all interested in my experiences or responses. no technical questions either. the interview basically ended 10 mins in and I stretchd it out by asking him questions then trying to weave my story off his responses.

samething for a few other interviewers. by the end I pretty much got the gist.

the whole process felt like a dog and pony show and i think i might not have been in legit consideration despite being invited to final rounds.

i'm usually not upset by things such as this but I actually had a first round with a top consulting firm that same day which I turned down cause of this interview. I made the right decision at the time given the information I had but it was clearly the wrong one in retrospect.

anyone being in similar situations?

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Nov 1, 2011

It begs the question why would they waste their time and money interviewing 'dinged' candidates.

Nov 1, 2011

I can't imagine this would happen unless you networked with someone in the firm who was high up who told the associate / VP or whoever was in charge of recruiting that they had to invite you to super-day.

Or it could have just been that they wanted to see you take control of the interview and wanted to see how you responded if they gave you a little bit of a cold shoulder.

Or maybe you just forgot you comb your hair??

Nov 1, 2011

Maybe the interviewer interviewed with someone before you walked in who they already had their mind set on. I've done superdays and dealt with this type of thing before where a more qualified candidate interviewed just before I did and the interviewer decided he/she would get the job.

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Nov 1, 2011

Yes. My office recently hired an analyst. They brought in 4 candidates for the superday, but already knew they were hiring this guy unless he said/did something retarded during the interview. His resume was a tier above the rest, and he carried himself well during the phone interview.

One of the 4 was thrust upon the group, because he was a diversity candidate, lol.

The other two seemed to be backups, or simply required by HR. Not sure how it worked.

Nov 1, 2011

I've had to conduct a couple of these interviews and it is incredibly awkward. It was always in the case where we didn't want to hire someone but they were a "relationship" and therefore we had to make it appear as if the person was being considered. I will say that it is incredibly rare.

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Nov 1, 2011

Yes it happens. I had an interview with a firm which I crushed, but was told later that I was there as a backup in case an employee within the firm who was going to switch over decided to bail. Happens more than you think. Good news is that if you do impress them, even if you didn't really have a shot, they might forward your resume to other divisions. If you call asking for feedback (as I did) and to see if they could forward your resume, you might land another interview with a different division (again assuming you did very well).

Good luck. Its all a part of the process.

Nov 1, 2011

This is sick.

Nov 1, 2011