Are MSc in Finance in the US worth it?

Hi monkeys

I am European and currently working in IB (straight out of university) in my country. I now want to do a MSc in Finance / MBA to break into the US and I will have just 2 years experience if I start in Business School on September 2020. I was considering doing a MSc in Finance rather than a MBA but I don't know if this is usual in the US. I would like to move to PE afterwards

What are good MSc in Finance in the US? Or do you think I should go directly for MBA?

My back up plan would be to do a MSc in Finance in the UK and then do some more years of IB and try to break into PE in London and forget about the US...

Thanks in advance

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Jan 23, 2019

US for MBA, Europe for MFin. Also, MFins ask for less work experience than MBAs so you can pivot to a PE role after 12-24 months on the IB job + an MFin but for an MBA it'll require 3+ years of work. Your fastest track to PE (with an extra degree included) is the MFin route in Europe.

Jan 24, 2019

Thanks a lot for the answer

Just a quick comment, I have always dreamed about working in the US, I am not saying that I want to live there long-term but just 2-5 years is an experience I would love to live. How realistic is to do MSc in Finance in Europe >> work in PE in London and then try to go to the US? Is that frequent? Or the only way to break into the states is to study an MBA there?

Appreciate any comment

Jan 24, 2019

Applying to a new firm will be a pain with visas and all but if you find a firm London with US offices you can aim for an internal transfer; but those depend on business need and availability too. The benefit to internal moves is that the firm helps with the immigration stuff

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Jan 24, 2019