Are non-consultant roles at MBB still seen as prestigious?

Most people here referring to MBB think of consulting roles (client facing). Those roles are obviously prestigious and sought after.

Do other roles within MBB (such as marketing, research, or financial analyst) that are not consulting roles seen as prestigious or is it just another "corporate job"?

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Mar 7, 2019


Mar 8, 2019

These jobs are called back-office jobs. No, they're not 'prestigious' because you're in a sort of double bind - either people don't know that working for the firm should be considered prestigious (most people, e.g. my mom still thinks Mackenzie and Company is a firm), or the people who do know know that your job is not as a consultant.

If you want to go one of those routes do that, find a nice rotational program at a F500 and enjoy not working 60 hours a week, but don't conflate it with consulting.

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Mar 8, 2019

Answer this question and you'll have your answer: where do companies go to source their marketing/finance talent? Is it marketing & finance people at McKinsey?

Mar 8, 2019

Marketing they might. And don't think Big 4 would be that much better for financial analyst exits

Mar 7, 2019

Marketing - no way. Prestigious marketing roles are at places like Google, FB, Apple, consumer products like Krat-Heinz, AB Inbev, Miller Coors and other big brand names.

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Mar 9, 2019

No. If you had to choose between a consulting role at ATK/RB/LEK or MBB BO, take the former

Mar 9, 2019

Within the consulting universe, itll be the most prestigious back office. Like if your options were marketing for a MM consulting firm or an MBB, MBB would be more prestigious.

But like others said, there are better places to do marketing & finance. However, research can be considered prestigious there.. although the exit options from research are usually also research.

Mar 11, 2019