Are Republicans superior to Democrats because of superior education?

Some cases:

🟥Trump: Went to Wharton for undergrad, king of kings of business schools👑

🟦Obama: Went to Columbia (not even top 10⁉️) and then Harvard for his JD (lmao bozo couldn't get into Yale law😹😹)

🟦Biden: Went to Delaware (bruh) and then Syracuse for a JD (mad WASPy broads though‼️)

🟥Bush: Went to Yale for a coveted BA (literally best school for liberal arts in the country), then HBS for a MBA (best MBA program in the country, sorry GSB goobers🤓)

🟥Ford: UMich (best public undergrad school) for a BA, then Yale for a JD (best law school😩, unlike that Yale law reject Osama or whatever)

🟦Clinton: Georgetown for a BS (lmao, not confident youd find a job with a BA⁉️), then Oxford on a Rhodes Scholar (couldn't finish it at the best school in the world bozo😤)

🟦Carter: Naval Academy for a BS (mad props for military kid or whatever, military academies aren't really the best though🤮)

I'm confident you "high financiers" with your fancy Ivy League educations can work out an obvious pattern. Democrats have subpar educations, while Republicans are absolute creamies of the crops.

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  • Prospect in IB-M&A
Nov 16, 2021 - 11:55pm

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