Argus Certificate Necessary?

Hope everyone is safe and healthy. Had a quick question -- I am currently on the job search, pursuing the debt side of the business. Is having the Argus Enterprise certificate necessary? Or helpful? I can get it for about $450 thru NYU but is it worth it?

Thanks everyone.

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Mar 26, 2020

If you have legit job experience where you used Argus on a regular basis, then the certification is not that special. If you don't have working Argus experience then the certification is a decent way to say "I know Argus" and get through resume screening or first round interview.

For $450, its a bargain, and you actually learn some cool real estate stuff from the certification training. Lots of people pay more, so at worst you can say to a firm, "you dont need to spend $2000+ for me to get trained in Argus."

If you are wondering if debt shops need to know Argus, yes if you are underwriting or do analytics on office/retail and sometimes industrial. Fairly useless for multifamily.

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Mar 28, 2020

I got my Argus cert straight out of college while I was searching for a job. It seemed like every opening that mentioned Argus was looking for RE experience with it. I didn't have any so it didn't help me get a job, but I do use it now. Worth 450 for sure.

Mar 28, 2020

$450 is a steal for the cert, do it. I thought it was a lot harder than expected (but I did just cram it in a 2 week period haha)

Mar 29, 2020