ARGUS - changing modeling assumptions

Howdy folks,

I know questions on ARGUS have been asked before but couldn't find a response to the one I had (feel free to point me to where this may have been answered, if so).

I am looking to get more proficient in changing Argus assumptions for models that we receive from brokers and sponsors. Long-story short, I work on the debt side (first mortgages) and we generally haven't used ARGUS for more than extracting projections and rent rolls and have used our own models for the analysis. However, now we are moving towards modifying cash flows within Argus by changing assumptions (leasing, exercising renewal options, etc.). I have done so a number of times but often times I am unsure if the way I did so was the best/most efficient way.

Is there a 'best-practices' workshop (like a 1 or 2 day thing) or some kind of online video or primer available that I can use to get better at this aspect of ARGUS? I am not interesting in learning how to build a model from scratch, just being able to change various assumptions in models (primarily interested in Office & Retail but other asset classes would be helpful as well).

Any helpful info or pointers would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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