ARGUS on Mac

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Has anyone used ARGUS on a mac? I know excel is shit on a mac too, but I can make that work for now. I really don't want to have two laptops - should I just sell the mac (MacBook 12") and get a PC? If so, any PC rec's?

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Oct 24, 2016

I suggest you look into Parallels or something equivalent. I've been using that for running ARGUS and haven't faced any issues. Also consider installing Windows via Bootcamp, but it might be an issue for whatever hard drive I expect your 12'' to have.

Oct 24, 2016

I bought Parallels years ago - it sucks, and I wouldn't recommend it.

If you have access to or can buy a copy of Windows, Bootcamp is totally the way to go. Not too difficult to set up either. When I need to use my MBP as a PC, I just try to have a keyboard and mouse to plug in, because it's pretty awkward using a PC with a Mac keyboard/trackpad.

(Quick plug: Assess (link below) is similar to Argus and runs out of a browser on Mac, PC, Chromebook, etc. Give it a try...)

Oct 24, 2016