Army Officer looking to transition into Management Consulting

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Hey everyone! I'm a transitioning Army Officer looking into opportunities within management consulting. I've only recently developed my interest in this career field, but the more I research and learn about it, the more intrigued and excited I am about setting MC as a post-military career aspiration. My knowledge of this industry is still pretty novice however, so I'd appreciate any and all feedback from you guys - particularly if I'm even competitive enough to apply for an entry-level consultant job at a MBB firm.

Short background summary:
1) I've been a Military Intelligence officer for approximately 3.5 years and have held a variety of analytical and leadership roles. My current assignment is as an Executive Officer where I'm essentially second-in-command of a 100+ person Company and responsible for managing all of our operations, logistics, maintenance, training, sustainment, mobility, you name it. I've accomplished quite a bit throughout my short stint and have performed well in comparison to my peers. I'm a First Lieutenant now, but just became promotable and should pick up Captain before I officially get out.
2) I attended a top 25 university (west coast) for my undergrad and received a BA in Political Science. GPA is in the 3.9/4.0 range (summa cum laude) and was a Distinguished Military Graduate in our ROTC program.
3) No GMAT score on record as I've never taken it
4) No preference for office or location. I'm trying to take full advantage of my transitioning period to explore new options, cities, and experiences.

Based off these aforementioned statistics, do you guys think it'd be enough to at least pass the screening phase and get my foot in the door for an interview at a MBB firm or Deloitte/OW/LEK? Also, what would you say the general perception of veterans in MC is like?

All feedback is greatly appreciated, and thank you for your time in reading through this!

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Aug 10, 2019