As a software dev at FAANG, can I get a quant trading interview at a top prop shop/hedge fund?

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Currently working as a software dev at a FAANG.
Still fairly junior: ~2 years out of college--worked at a startup for a bit more than a year before moving into current role. Went to top school and studied Math and CS (ivy league, but not HYPSM).

Will I be able to get a quant trading interview with some of the top firms (eg. Jane Street, Two Sigma, Citadel, HRT)? I'm concerned my current work experience may typecast me into a dev position if I do get an interview. If not, what can I do to (1) get interviews and (2) signal for a quant trading role instead of a dev role? Would, for example, doing kaggle competitions help? I'd send my resume in right now and find out, but I'm not sufficiently prepped for interviews. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

As for why I want to move tech->finance:

  1. Money. The firms I mentioned not only have higher comp than faang, they also seem to be more performance-based. It's difficult to quantify impact as a dev and being a high performer is more about marketing a good story than actual creating real impact.
  2. I'm not particularly interested in my current job (hence why I want to move despite the short time period) and in being a dev in general. As mentioned above I studied Math in uni, and those were always more interesting to me than my CS courses. Currently I use no math at all.

Quant trading would address both (1) and (2). I'll likely try and look for some ml-related roles in tech as well if I can, which would solve (2) but not (1).

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Sep 5, 2019

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