Aspiring biotechnology analyst (just moved to NYC)

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Hey WSO,

I know this is a long shot, but I am looking for help breaking into the industry.

In April 2017, I rejected my laboratory supervisor's offer to fast-track into McGill University's PhD program in Experimental Medicine. I began immunological research so that I could help alleviate the most human suffering possible, but after two years of merely characterizing HIV immunopathogenesis, I wasn't satisfied with my trajectory. I wanted to contribute to the development of medicine.

The three undergraduate elective courses that I aced in economics and my role as Healthcare Sector Analyst on the McGill Investment Committee taught me that the ultimate arenas for raising factors of production in any industry are the capital markets. Thus, I realized that I could create the most positive impact on human suffering possible if I could manage to facilitate the capitalization of ideas that would lead to new and improved medicine. I embraced the revelation, enrolled in the CFA program, began actively managing an equity portfolio and started a comprehensive review of capitalism's history. Sixteen months of merciless effort later, I had scored within the top 10% of CFA Level 1 writers and had written a thesis to culminate the requirements of a Master's degree. Now having just returned from a solo three month voyage across Asia to expand my horizons and reset my psyche, I've amassed a 53.8% total return on my portfolio and am ready and excited to start my career. I can think of no better place to do this than in the mecca of finance: New York City, so I moved here to pursue my goal.

I'm writing this post because I am hoping to be introduced to someone that has a position at a biotech/pharmaceuticals focused hedge fund or private equity firm. It turns out that these firms have security that don't let you in when you show up with a resume. I could not possibly be more hungry to become a financial analyst in a role in which I can learn what actions create and destroy value in the healthcare industry and use this knowledge to create profit that can be invested toward pushing the frontiers of medicine. If you know anyone at a firm like this, or can give me some advice as to how I might be able to land the position that I am looking for, I will be ecstatic to hear from you. Also, as I'm new to the city, I'm very open to meeting new people and would be happy to talk business, science, travel, etc. if you'd like to get together for a drink. I've posted my resume below.


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Mar 10, 2019
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