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After working several years as a health care professional, I retired to start my own securities trading business. I have since learned a great deal about the mechanics of trading and investing. I have succeeded at replacing a six-figure salary by posting average annual returns ~15% since 2008.

I would now like to start managing wealth for others and have been contemplating/exploring for the last couple years how to make this leap. I have the money to start a hedge fund or my own IA but I don't see a clear path to assets and I've been hesitant to potentially throw that money down the drain. I'm not a salesman. I do like talking with people, though, and I could talk at length about what I do.

More recently I have considered trying to hook up with an independent IA (whatever that means?) to do some trading for [some of] their clients. I would still want to trade my own account and perhaps work remotely. I'd be willing to go into their office semi-regularly, though, to review performance, talk with their trading team (if they have one?), and/or speak directly with their clients about what I do. Compensation could be performance-based.

Is this a good idea? Any suggestions how I might go about getting a gig like this? Any other suggestions on how I might go from trading my own account to managing wealth for others? If I can do it for myself then OPM seems like a logical next step.


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Oct 23, 2017