Asset Management Interview Prep w/ Little Lead Time

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Hey guys,

To give some brief back story, I'm in BB ER and ready to make the move to buyside but not really interested in the hedge fund route.

So I recently applied to essentially a buyside long only role (think, >$400B AUM AM division of a large insurance company) that's decently relevant to my ER experience. They're looking for ~2-3 years experience + some relevant sector experience so I went ahead and applied.

Figured I had a decent shot as I had interned with this outfit in undergrad but on the fixed income side and left a good impression. A week or so after applying, HR reached out for a phone screen which was this past week. Absolutely felt like I crushed it and they said I'd hear back in a week and that it would likely be another phone interview with the PM followed by final round in person with the PM if I made it that far.

Then literally the next day they emailed me saying that the PM wants to meet with me in person immediately for later this coming week... which is flattering but it leaves no time to prepare haha... (especially since work is an absolute grind which makes it hard to prepare during the week).

TL,DR: So my question is, does anyone have advice on how to approach this? What sort of questions should I expect? How should I prioritize my limited lead time preparing? Thinking priorities are: 1) stock pitch (necessary to have a short in addition to long?), 2) what my investment philosophy is, and 3) general technicals + sector knowledge. Am I missing anything? Appreciate the help as always all

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Mar 2, 2019