Asset management vs Private banking/wealth management


I'm a PM at an AM, co-manager on some big funds but also lead manager on some smaller strategies.

I took a break and I now look for a new offer.
I find opportunities only in wealth management (private banking) at the moment at small companies (same job, pm).
I always thought it was less good (because of less compensation, less "sophisticated" clients, hence less "sophisticated" strategies etc.). Could you confirm that ? What is the impact on a career ?
I was happy with my progress so far, but now i have to choose if i take one of those less shiny jobs, or wait for the right opportunity.

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Feb 12, 2019

Private Banking / Wealth Mgmt is more about relationship building and understanding client issues than actual asset management (unless you're talking about being the asset / portfolio manager for the wealth mgrs). Typically you will use existing models, creating models from funds, alts, etc.)

Feb 16, 2019
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