Associate at ZS vs Analytics Consultant at IBM CbD

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Hi everyone,

I have offers on the table from both. At this point, I'm unsure whether I want my future to be in the tech industry, pharma/biotech industry, or if I want to explore more options through moving to generalist firms later. I am looking for advice on how both of them match up in terms of variety/types of work experiences, work-life, upward mobility within the organization, raise progression, and exit opportunities to business school, MBB, and industry as a whole. Which company is better regarded, and is heading in a better direction? Which one will pigeonhole me less into a particular job function/industry overall? Although analytics is not strategy consulting, does anybody know if CbD'ers are able to transition to top tech firms (Google, FB, etc) and/or startups after, whether that be in a data scientist role or some other cloud technologies/PM role? Which industry has more promise for a career - Life Sciences or Tech?

I would appreciate answers to any of the above questions.

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Nov 15, 2017

I can't peak for ZS Associates, but at IBM it is largely dependent on what division you are placed into. They have changed the OCR process. You are either placed into Digital Strategy, Cognitive or Application Innovation. They used to look at your resume and place you into one of these groups depending on your work experience, now you interview for said group. Each are very important to what IBM does, but it depends on what you are interested in. If MBB has implementation groups, then CAI is the way to go. The only true strategy work at IBM is done by Digital Strategy consultants or those who have networked their way into a strategy role--> but with a huge bench, doesn't seem likely.

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Nov 17, 2017