Associate commission structure for major brokers?

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Just curious to know for those that are junior associates with major firms like CBRE, JLL, Newmark, Cushman, Colliers, etc. What % of the total pot does the associate take. Say your on a team of less than 6 people in a smaller market doing MF or industrial sales. If your the only associate, how much are you entitled to if your purely on a commission structure?

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Mar 13, 2020

100% dependent on your team, these are fully negotiated splits. When I was a junior on a team of 4 (MD; VP; me; admin) my cut was about 30%. I think that number is fairly high, though.

You should run a quick cash flow model. How much gross volume did your team do last year, and what does your all-in comp look like at various percentages? If you have 2+ years of experience in brokerage sales and you are on a well-performing team you should be making $80K+.

Mar 24, 2020