Associate comp at 1st fund

Interviewing in a few weeks at a PE fund and could use some help on what to expect in terms of comp.

It is the firm's first fund so that adds some risk to the position. They are shooting for a few hundred million. Location is along the east coast in a major city, but not NYC. I do not have my MBA but am pursuing it. What should I expect in terms of comp for the associate position? What would be a normal range if I already had my MBA?

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Mar 2, 2019

Pre-MBA Associate for a few hundred million fun that's not actually closed a fund yet - I'd say expect $150k all-in comp. Maybe $175k at the high end.

You (most likely, like REALLY most likely) wouldn't get a PE job offer with an MBA with no PE experience so it's kind of a pointless ask.

Mar 2, 2019

Might be good for experience, but damn if this doesn't sound like a risky career move. First fund that will be purchasing at all time highs in the cycle with hopes that a recession doesn't hit 3-5 years out. Good luck expanding the multiples or raising another fund if you guys don't have a decent amount of luck.

Mar 3, 2019