Associate has doubts about my character / integrity

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So I just started FT (location APAC so not remote) and was working on a deal with an Associate who directly oversees my work. He had expressed that I work kinda slow and still has a lot to learn, which is common and I didn't take it seriously just thought I need to improve over time.

However, the past Friday when I went back to work after small talking with my analyst friend, he went up to me and said I shouldn't be leaking confidential details about the project we were working while the conversation between me and my friend was literally and entirely about our retarded drinking lives back in college.

Unless he has hearing issues that somehow replace words like beer with deal, I can't help but think that he distrust me and I have zero clue why. I have been described as a chaotic or sometimes careless person but never in my life have I ever been considered untrustworthy.

This is quite a heavy blow to me becuase I had only worked for him for 2 weeks and he's already questioning my character, which makes me think that my performance review from him would never be positive despite how hard I work or how much I improve.

Do folks think I should ask for a transfer within my current group (I'm in industrials and there's subgroups which means you usually work with the same people)? I don't want to waste my time trying to impress someone who might have his mind made already.

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Jul 19, 2020

Don't get discourage easily, learn from it, and prove to him (in a humble way) that you are way better than what he thinks.

Jul 19, 2020

Did he say it in a "FYI this is a rule we have way" or was it more reprimanding? Just asking bc there's a chance he saw you chatting with your buddy and it simply reminded him to tell you about that rule in case you didn't know (i.e. he didn't think you had actually shared anything confidential, but wanted to make sure you knew not to do so in the future either).

In any case, I really wouldn't panic. The beginning is always awkward but as you all get to know each other it'll become apparent that you are an honest person. Also, I don't know how your office dynamics work, but transferring around could rub some people the wrong way so I would only do it if someone is out for your blood (and that comment alone does not seem to indicate that he is).


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Jul 30, 2020