At a career crossroads seeking advice

Post-UG (non target) I did a 3-yr FLDP in a major market where I rotated through 3 varied corporate finance roles at the HQ of a F500. I had a great experience and was able to work on high profile projects/transactions. I left after 3 years (last summer) to go to a private MM company to work with a newly brought in CEO on a turnaround - was able to double my comp and am now in a position I like where I'm doing interesting work. My plan was to take GMAT this year and apply for Bschool to move into MBB/T2 consulting.

A mentor that I worked for at the F500 since left to join a new venture as head of finance working with the CEO and wants to bring me on as his initial hire. The new venture has a lot of funding behind it and interesting work on the horizon (inorganic growth & raising debt). The role would be a mix of corp dev/treasury/fp&a and business ops with the expectation that I'd focus on corp dev/treasury once more is set up. This seems like a great opportunity. I do not know the comp but shared where I'm currently at so that no one is surprised/wasting time),

My questions:
1. Are early-stage companies majority-owned by PE typically willing to give equity as a component of comp?

  1. Should equity be a major factor in my decision, even if the comp is above what I'm currently at? And should I not ask about equity until offer is in hand?
  2. Assuming new company is open on start dates (said he was) is it worth it for me to stick out 1 year and start this new role in June? (would allow me to see-through the turnaround)
  3. If is not the right thing for me long-term, would consulting firms see this experience as valuable? Possible to move to T2 from this w/o bschool?

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Jan 28, 2020


Jan 28, 2020

I'd say take the job. Senior leadership experience is much more important than MBA. You are certainly entitled to ask for equity given the early-stage nature of the business.

It's not like business schools are going away. That option will always be there.

Jan 29, 2020