At a Career Crossroads...looking to do PE

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Background: Graduated in Finance with a 3.0 at a non-target school, currently working as a Analyst in Commercial Lending at a small community bank. Recently had an brief unpaid internship in a local RE investment company. Could send my resume at request.

I ultimately am looking to work in PE (preferably REPE), but my qualifications seem limited. I'm at a career/age where I could still take some risks, but one bad decision could set me back for a while; which is why I'm divided as to where to go from here.
- I was thinking going for my MBA with a specialization in Finance/RE in NYC, but due to the high tuition and the popular opinion of its devaluation has me questioning it. Considering whether to do the GMAT.
- Might go the IB/PE job route and network; however, I don't know where to start nor very good at selling myself (some tips would be greatly appreciated)
- Currently working on some IB and financial modeling courses from BIWS and uDemy; it may not be experience, but is there a way to market that to stand out in the job search?

Please, any sort of suggestions, advice, and tips on where to move forward would be a big help. Thanks.

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Aug 14, 2019