At a crossroads, which to choose?

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Hello fellow monkeys I am new to the community and seeking advice regarding two positions, one is a top fortune500 tool manufacturer (we'll call them ABC) and the other from UBS. I have a BSBA in Finance and just completed my Master of Science in Finance. I have about 1.5 yrs of prior work experience with a top insurance company (finance internship), a major US bank (compliance position), and a prominent US investment bank (back office operations role). I plan on one day going back to school for a JD/MBA as I am interested in M&A , IB, and other aspects of finance. Now here is the dilemma, two great options but two different paths.

The first is a two year (rotate every six months) Financial Analyst Rotational Program with ABC where I will work in fp&a, accounting, operational finance, and a role of my choosing. I will also complete a LEAN project and attend five trainings on various topics/skills. The second is an Reporting and Control Analyst position with UBS, which is more of an operational role with some financial analysis functions but a higher title (the next title is Associate Director) and direct interaction with senior management. ABC is solely finance and accounting and upon finishing the program I would become a Senior Financial Analyst. I am concerned with being pigeonholed in operations but believe my future JD/MBA will help me combat that. Would it be worth it to work at UBS for awhile then transition into a FA program or should I just go into one or the other immediately? Which position do you think would be more lucrative?

Thanks for the advice!

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Dec 12, 2018

Honestly, neither of them really seem to get you towards your stated end goal. I know things are never ideal and you have to take your best option, but it seems like you should be trying to get some sort of transnational or legal experience.

There are so many unknowns that it's hard to give great advice, but if you would've said "I dont know what I want to do in 5-10 years, I just want to set myself up for a good career" I'd usually lean towards the rotational program. However, without even knowing the actual company even that recommendation isn't written in stone.

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Dec 12, 2018

Go for the rotational program, you'll get more out of that and your skill set probably is more valuable from an industry perspective. Compliance is compliance, you won't get much from there based on where you want to go. Associate director is just the fancy name for associate at UBS.

Dec 12, 2018