At what point should you get rid of intern deal experience?

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Have a couple $bn deals on my resume from my internship stint. However, responsibility wasn't that in-depth and I wasn't exposed to the particulars of the deal too much. In short, I don't love that they're on my resume.

At what point should I remove my intern deal experience? Once I have a couple deals from FT IB and am recruiting for PE? Never remove?

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May 4, 2020

I took it out once I had a deal that I extensively worked on.

Felt it was more a hinderance during PE recruiting (mind you if its early you won't have a choice) when they asked what I did for the intern deal and it was clear I didn't do much.

Also noone really thinks you did much during your internship 8 weeks of being on the desk (1 week training/ last week doesnt count) there isn't much you're going to meaningfully contribute until week 6~9

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May 4, 2020