Attaching letters of recommendation to your resume

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Hello Oasis

I'm a medical student working in life science venture capital and am about to apply for GS, Rothschild and the other investment banks who are keen on using people with alternative backgrounds.

I keep hearing about "red flags" in applying for banking positions, such as not having a picture on your resume and keeping your resume 1 page max. I can't seem to find anything on how to handle your letters of recommendation though.

On the Goldman Sachs application site, I can only find an upload link for your resume and academic transcript.

Do you know if it is allowed to attach letters of recommendation to the resume?

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Sep 4, 2019

No letters of recommendation. They don't want them, they may ask if they can contact your past employer but it will only be to verify dates.

Also you have an interesting background for a healthcare group but you are not going to get in just submitting an application, especially since you are presumably out of undergrad. You need to network with people in these groups to get a foothold and potentially an interview.

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Sep 4, 2019

Cheers for the reply.

We don't use undergrad / grad in Denmark. Instead we have the bachelor and master degrees. So you study the "Bachelor of Science in Medicine" directly followed by the "Master of Science in Medicine" for a 6 year total to become an MD. I graduated from the bachelor January this year, so yeah, sort of out of undergrad.

I wasn't aware networking was mandatory for a summer analyst position. I've interviewed at McKinsey and BCG without networking, so thanks for the heads up.

Sep 5, 2019