Attitudes toward CRA International?

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I am wondering what the general public's attitude toward an economic/strategy consultancy like CRA International is?

In terms of prestige/recognizability/placement into Ibanks & PE/VC/placement into B-school?


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Dec 2, 2007

They're a great economic consultancy, and place really well into B-school and grad school. PE, VC, IB, not too sure. Also, the people I met there were really friendly and down-to-earth, while the environment was very collegial and academic.

Dec 2, 2007

They recruit on our campus. They have a distinctly academic feel as opposed to some of the other economic consulting firms, and definitely compared to the management consulting firms (obviously). You definitely will not travel. The advantage, however, is that the environment really is about teamwork and getting the task completed rather than people pushing to steal credit for work. Many of their testifying experts are top academics in their field.

However, they supposedly place very well into top business schools. Im not sure about the exit ops, but I have to figure that if you can get to a top MBA program, then you have a chance at an Associate position within IB, seeing as how many Associates don't have a banking background.

Dec 2, 2007

Thanks guys for the comments!

Qwerty, you mentioned they have an academic feel, even compared to other economic consultancies.

Can anyone elaborate more on how CRA compares, in general, to its main competitors (NERA, LECG, Analysis Group, etc.?)

Dec 2, 2007