Audit, FDD, Deal Strategy, or Corporate Banking?

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I know WSO doesn't like Audit but I'll just keep it as an option.

As for Big 4 Financial Due Diligence or Deal Strategy, I can only apply to either, not both (conflict between teams). I talked to some people who actually worked there, but I still want to hear some opinions from you guys.

FDD - you'll learn a lot of technical, however, the culture is very "audit" like, since a lot of ex-auditors exit to FDD route.

Deal Strat - commercial due diligence, research type of work, chill work environment, but a friend of mine there said that you won't learn much technical. Skills learned are not enough to transfer to PE, but to IB/ER is possible.

At this point I'm a little inclined toward FDD, maybe grind out for 2-3 years then switch to boutique IB.

There is also a position called Relationship Associate (a notch below Relationship Manager) for Citi, which falls under the Corporate & Investment Banking division. Clients are large institutional clients. I guess the majority of work is sales & relationship maintenance, and I will work along side capital markets and loan portfolio teams.

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Jul 12, 2018