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I have a F500 webcam interview coming up and I need some tips. There is a set amount of time per question, I don't know what the questions are until I start the interview, and there are no breaks or re-dos.

I have a tough enough time preparing presentations to be exactly 3 minutes (or whatever the number is). How do I give an exactly 3 minute response when I don't have any time to prepare and I don't know what the questions are? Is it normal to end 10-30 seconds early and sit there with a stupid smile on?

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Dec 31, 1969

I've had a video conference interview but have never heard of pre-recorded interviews...if you don't mind me asking, what kind of job is it for? Didn't know that was a thing! However, if they are going to see you as well as hear you I would absolutely wear a suit and treat it like a real interview. Would be strange to do a pre-recorded interview, with no ability to go back and forth/have a conversation. Good luck!

Dec 31, 1969