Axe Capital 2020 SA Megathread

Hey guys I didn't see anyone make a post about axe cap so i wanted to start one

Does anyone have any idea of the recruiting process and timeline for Axe Cap SA NY 2020. I wasn't able to speak with any current analysts not even Ben Kim :( , i saw dollar bill $tern once but he was busy and told me that he was heavily invested in resolving a chicken farm issue... whatever that means.

Has anyone received any info or updates about on campus recruiting ? They seem to be very secretive about their internships and at this rate i am very pessimistic about my chances.

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Aug 21, 2019 - 5:03pm

They are only recruiting at very few targets (Harvard -2, Wharton-1) and looking for 4.0 GPA with Advanced Math Quant and CS background and atleast 2 BB IB and a HF internship at top HF. Just finished their hirevue and got invite for their networking reception. Seems like Wendy is doing the campus recruiting this year bc Taylor fired their 38889th campus recruiter. From what I have heard, it's only technical as fit doesn't matter there much. Hopefully I can get the offer.

PS- watching season 3 rn

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