B School Dilemma: $100k at USC or no money at UNC?

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Hi folks--

Really just asking for a friend here but he got into USC and was planning to go there on a $50k scholarship, then just found out a couple days ago that he got off the UNC waitlist. He went back to USC with the news and now they've bumped it up to $100k. He's an East Coast guy and most of his family is there...meaning post-grad he wouldn't likely look in LA unless he were at USC anyway. Anyone have thoughts on which school he should pick?

Thanks in advance.

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Aug 6, 2016

USC you mean southern california or south carolina?

Aug 6, 2016

pretty sure hes referring to southern California given the LA comment. What does your friend want to do and by east coast guy do you mean northeast or southeast?

Aug 6, 2016

I would definitely do UNC especially if he's a "east coast guy." I've been very impressed by the people I met from UNC's program and their reputation is especially strong on the east coast. The extra $100k makes the decision even easier.

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Aug 6, 2016

Easy choice - USC

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Aug 6, 2016

Depends on how high your friends wants to climb. UNC helps in more arenas than USC

Aug 7, 2016

I would go with UNC Chapel Hill, its ranks 16th/13th on USNews/Forbes whereas USC is 31st/38th.

They are both good choices, but UNC is better connected and is considered a target school.

But if USC is offering your friend 100k! Take it! Always take the money. Who can turn down a free ride? USC has a very good reputation. your friend can spend his money boarding/food.

Your friend must be very impressive to be have gotten those financial offers.

Best of luck

Aug 9, 2016

Try and leverage the offer, if they can even somewhat close the gap UNC becomes compelling. What's the difference in COA?

Aug 12, 2016

This isn't really possible to answer without knowing target industry and where in that industry your friend hopes to fall (also, whether they have relevant experience in target roles). UNC is the clear winner in terms of OCR & east coast vs west coast but those might not be worth giving up the $100k, depending on what your friend wants to do.

Based on what I understand of these things (which is limited) these schools both schools recruit more regionally than nationally. As in, McKinsey DC might recruit at UNC, but McKinsey Boston/NY won't. So location is definitely a factor if he cares.

Aug 14, 2016

Chapel Hill is a really good school. Based on their employment reports they have a good track record of placing at McKinsey and BCG. But a 100k is tough to pass up. I would go with the money.

Aug 15, 2016