B school options and dillema

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A little background:

Originally I went to a non-target school that most have likely never heard of. Ended up transferring to a semi-target my junior year and getting a job in tech IB.

Non-target GPA: 4.0
Target GPA: 3.0
Both GPAs represent about 63 credit hours so we can assume the GPAs are equally weighted and the average works out to 3.5. Stellar EC's (published research at non-target med school, finance club and a few case study competitions in which I my team won one, Tech IBanking internship + full time work) and about 500 hours of volunteer work.

Now I just finished up my first year in IB and am looking at other options. My main considerations are PE or B school. I'm actually more comfortable going the PE route because they won't weigh my GPA as much as my deal experience. Although, there's always the chance that this year will burn me out and I'll grow tired of transaction-based work and that's when B school becomes the next best route.

I'm not worried about my gmat scores because I'll study like a hoss, but am concerned over my last 2 years GPA. Does anyone have any experience with friends/family/themselves in this area? Appreciate any advice from the boyz.

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Jul 15, 2016

Advice? Learn how to spell or you'll get autodinged at Jersey State, kid

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Jul 15, 2016

you have a development case, GPA and volunteer stuff are all fine, but none of them are current with your IB job after graduation.

plus your goals for MBA isn't so clear, and it takes time to make your case for MBA now, at whatever school you're looking for.

Jul 15, 2016

1 year IB isn't really enough for top MBAs and your application/future career prospects will improve if you can spend some time in PE before applying. 2 years IB + 2 years PE + M7 MBA is the way to go here if you can swing it

Jul 18, 2016