Back Office PE vs Front Office Boutique IB

So I have been working in valuation (primarily divorce and shareholder dispute related work) for 3 years now and decided to leave for more money given how hot the job market is right now. I have an offer from GTCR for a back office valuation job, which is mostly a quarterly compliance oriented position. I hate the idea of this job but it may open the door to private equity at a decent firm. I also have an offer from a boutique IB shop specialized in insurance. Pay is about the same, but GTCR has higher base with a lower bonus target. My question is, which sounds more appealing at first glance? Also, what are the odds I get stuck in the back office at GTCR and have trouble shifting to a PE Associate roll? 

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Jun 15, 2021 - 9:33pm

I started in big 4 valuations last year. I hear from recruiters for pe valuations a good amount versus almost nothing for investment banking. If these jobs were a legit shot to get into front office pe, they wouldn't be struggling so much to fill them. If you want to work in the front office, taking the front office job makes sense to me.

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