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Prospect in IB-M&A

Know this is a bit odd. Normally everyone here is gunning for FO positions. Little bit about myself:
Current sophomore (undergrad)
Solid GPA (3.9+)
Non-Target, State School

Interested in finance. But here's the problem. I've done some networking and realized that the type of candidates who break into FO roles seem to know exactly what position in finance he/she has wanted since at the latest freshman year of high school. I on the other hand am still exploring ideas. I do have a general idea of what I like, but my knowledge in that area isn't that sharp. Basically, this describes a BO guy. I've even done some BO work on this site (data entry, creating posts, etc.) Type of guy that is willing to learn on the job. Just to throw it in the mix I know some math/coding also. Using all of this recommend me some BO roles that I should target for Summer 2021.

Ignore the "prospect in IB M&A" tagline had to choose something

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Feb 24, 2020