Hello fellow WSO Readers,

Just like the title suggests, I'm seeking career advice for my future career path and exit opps.
I'm currently a full time employee at a local investment firm (West Coast) as a client service associate. This is my first FT job right after college so I'm pretty content for now. However, I wanted to get some advice on how I should plan my exit opps and career advancement.

As a CSA, I work under the clearing services department where it's mainly back office work for retail and institutional brokers. After 1 year of working, the firm sponsors your Series 7 and 66 (which I plan to study and take it ASAP). Most of the new hires are recent college grads and they tend to leave after 1-2 years because of no raises and upper management.

Would the Series 7 and 66 with 1-2 yrs of experience be marketable enough for me to land an analyst job?

I'm mostly thinking about branching out to PWM or RE analyst role positions. It seems like traditional IB route is highly unlikely due to not having any SA jobs as my undergrad.

Any feedback would be great help. Thanks.

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