Background check?? Serious!!!

Hi, I was just curious how extensive background checks are. For social media, what will they find? There shouldn't be anything in particular that's bad, but I'm sure I made dumb comments at some point online. If I just google my name and search around, is that all they will find? Also, I am worried that I'm technically on pace to not graduate "on time" by 2 classes, it is not a problem, I am signing up for winter courses, also I have EC's and an off cycle internship that should give me 6 more credits anyway, but is this still a concern for HR?

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  • Intern in IB - Gen
Nov 17, 2021 - 12:59pm

Background check is not extensive at all, they verify you worked where you said you did for the dates you said. Graduation date is a concern though

  • Intern in IB - Gen
Nov 17, 2021 - 6:06pm

Don't think they will count up your classes. If there is a legitimate way for you to graduate by that day (ie taking winter term) then they will understand. Don't think they would even question you on that though as they know these options exist

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  • Associate 3 in IB-M&A
Nov 17, 2021 - 10:38pm

They absolutely will not go digging on old YouTube comments or random Instagram comments... seriously? Private your accounts and you're fine. Social media is not really a big part of the background check - it's really just confirming that you really worked where you did. They are 1000% not using external AI to dig deep for analyst roles - public Instagram where you're making violent threats, sure that might be found, but you are an entry level cog not the President.

Graduation is fine as long as you do graduate when you say you will, no one cares that you're going to have to make classes up later. Also unless you went to your advisor and formally changed your grad date your school isn't tattling that you're a bit behind.

I get the paranoia but bro you are completely fine. Find a new hobby instead of worrying about this.

  • Analyst 1 in IB-M&A
Nov 18, 2021 - 5:41am

As I said in my comment above, yes they do use an external AI software for the social media profile part of background check (talking from a background check conducted on myself 6 months ago). Yes they will see old comments on Insta/Twitter etcetera, unless you've made your account private.

  • Associate 3 in IB-M&A
Nov 18, 2021 - 11:46am

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