Bain and Company -Toronto office any news?

Has any one heard back from Bain's Toronto office regarding the first round of interviews yet? last time I applied, I only received a standard thank you for your application response. This year, I received two emails, one was a standard thank you response which they sent to me earlier, however, most recently, I received an email directly from the recruiter stating that "they are reviewing all applications, including mines and will be in touch shortly, should it be appropriate to schedule an interview".

Is this an indication for an invitation to first round of interviews? I only ask because i did not receive any such email last time upon applying, is any one else in a similar situation?

SIGH. I wish these people were more clear and less cryptic in their messages!


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Oct 5, 2012 - 11:22pm
You need to be able to spell Bain and Company correctly before they'll take you to second rounds. Sorry.

I think you are a douche. Sorry.
* next time please keep your opinion to yourself, we don't care (esp. if you don't have anything to contribute to the post)

Oct 4, 2012 - 10:30am

I don't think the word is out yet for the first round (at least, one of my former case partners is also waiting for an answer). I interviewed with Bain in Europe and there were no quantitative test, just the standard quant part in the case interviews.

Good luck!

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