Bain Greater China vs ATKearney NYC

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Hi everyone. Monkey from a target business school (Think top2 ), junior undergrad, international student. Grew up in China, high schooled in singapore. GPA 3.9/4.0. Was extended internship offers both from Bain Greater China office and ATK in New York.

Long term goal: high level in China or entrepreneurship. Currently wish to be in China in the long run.

Some measures that I am considering (in descending priority order)

1.Nature of Work (Will the work in Bain GC be intellectually engaging? How is its position objectively speaking in GC?)

2.Hours ( I know that midnight schedule in GC is the norm, but weekend is protected. Hows ATK?)

3.Long term exit and future prospects (Anyone with their two cents?)

  1. Salary (the offer from Bain is about $50K base salary, but in GC it can afford a good life and i heard the increase is rapid. T or F?)

Thank you guys! Really like to hear your stories.

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Oct 24, 2018