Bain vs BCG (Toronto)

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So I know that forums all over are littered with posts comparing the firms. Nonetheless, I'd like to ask if anyone has information *specific to the Toronto offices* of Bain or BCG. Specifically, I'd be interested in learning about differences in terms of work, size, opportunities for advancement and culture.


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Feb 8, 2015

I've not heard much specifically, but you could do a linkedin search and see the type of people, number of people, exits they go onto etc, pretty quickly.

Feb 8, 2015

Thanks for your reply. I was secretly hoping ex employees from these firms frequent these forums and would jump in... Alas, wishful thinking!


Feb 10, 2015

sent you a pm

Feb 10, 2015

sent you a pm as well.

making a one eight zero.

Sep 5, 2016