BAML C&R vs Healthcare

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Hello fellow monkies,

I'm a regular here but I made a throwaway for anonymity. I am a sophomore from a non-target who was able to secure an offer from BAML this summer I am trying to make my decision.

C&R: Arguably one BAML's best group. the team seems relaxed but also a little too weird. I have mild interest in c&r but I am well versed in the industry

Healthcare: They seemed friendly but I heard that HC is not what it used to be at BAML. I love the hc services and biotech space.

Also looking at E&P but heard they are not a top group and have lousy deal flow.

I want to get a return offer and also be in a good "fit" group, while getting some good modeling experience because some BAML groups outsource that to M&A team

Any help is appreciated

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Apr 4, 2017

Avoid E&P NY. C&R is the best bet. If you prove yourself, you'll get modeling experience. Healthcare not what it used to be.

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Apr 4, 2017

That's interesting. I am leaning towards C&R are the hours brutal? I felt like the guys in that group were really feminine probably because of the fact that the group has a lot of women...But I am impressed by BAML's reputation in c&r

Thanks anymore responses and insights appreciated! Any stories or anecdotes that are true are welcome

Apr 4, 2017

FWIW, BAML HC gets crushed. Guys in that group are cool dudes though. If you're worried about hours, go C&R.

Apr 4, 2017

I heard that BAML Healthcare hours are getting better after the massive exodus of senior bankers

Apr 4, 2017

Not to sound unclear or indecisive but my main goal is to get a return offer, learn a lot, fit in well & have a blast with my group. I have the work hard play hard mentality and I don't mind working late. I am not trying to find the group that'll let me be home before midnight every night, its banking after all

Apr 4, 2017

I'm pretty sure baml healthcare had the highest return offer rate of any group last summer

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Apr 6, 2017

If you don't f*ck up you'll get the return offer. Your goal should instead be to find the group that will give you the best full-time experience and therefore best potential after-banking opportunities

Apr 5, 2017

Any further thoughts? would be helpful

Apr 6, 2017

What industry do you like more? This is the stepping stone to your industry focus, just keep that in mind. When you recruit for PE, hedge funds, corp dev, etc. after full-time, the industry focus will come into play. IMO, healthcare has better post-banking opps, but is more boring than C&R.

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Apr 29, 2017
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