BAML-S&T, advice on choosing desk

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Hi everyone, I've got an internship coming up for S&T with BAML in the London office. I'm going to an event where all the interns get to meet the various desk managers and then list their desk preferences for the internship.

They sent me a pdf giving a brief description of each desk and wow there is a lot to choose from! (for example within the credit sector alone they have 'structured credit trading, credit sales and trading, emerging markets credit trading, flow credit sales'). I'm hoping to narrow it down to a couple of sectors to focus on before I go to this event (and not worry about all the sub-sectors within each sector for now).

Does anyone know BAML's strongest asset classes are at the London office? I keep hearing that they are strong at rates but I would imagine this is referring to the NY office.

Also, would it be advisable to opt for a desk that has more traders? Just since this would tend to hint that they would have more room for hiring (for example the Inflation trading desk has just 3 traders whereas the FX desk has over 20)

Any help would be much appreciated!