Bank for International Settlements/noobie questions

I was talking to my dad this weekend and he said that my aunt is head of the PR department for BIS in switzerland. I don't know her very well b/c she has always lived in different countries. This is why I am asking you guys this instead of her.

Here are my "noob" questions.

How big is BIS (prestige)?

Does it hire ibankers? If not what kind of work do they do?

Are there any offices in America or is it only in Mexico, Switzerland, and Hong Kong? It says on it's website Central Bank Hub/websites. Then it lists Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System (Washington)and Federal Reserve Bank of New York. Does this mean that they have offices there or that these offices are affiliated with them? Do you think my aunt could help me get a job at these places?

What do you think?

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