Bank of America Global Banking & Markets Risk Credit Analyst Program - Any insight?

Hi all,

Anyone have any insight/experience on the Bank of America Credit Analyst program through their GBAM division? Any info Hours, exit opportunities, and pay would be great but looking more on whether it is a position worth pursuing

Any feedback appreciated!

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Aug 19, 2014

Standard 9-5 job. first year salary ~65k all in. It would be tough to transition to a traditional IBD/PE role, but something like Debt Capital Markets seems possible.

Next stop: Flavortown!

Sep 6, 2014

Is this Corporate credit Risk / FI Credit Risk? If thats the case then this is their corporate banking group so you are looking at 60h weeks and 10k salary bumps every year but bonus is smaller than IBD

Jul 26, 2015

Would appreciate any more insight into this.... I'm about to start as a 2nd year credit risk analyst in their GBAM division. FWIW I'm coming in at $75k and they told me bonus will likely be around $10k.

Would be curious to know the salary progression as a 3rd year analyst, and then as AVP, etc etc.

Hours would be helpful as well

Mar 20, 2016