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So I have been doing a lot of research in the Investment Management/Asset Management industry and came across BAML's GWIM division, but have not found much info on it online, specifically their alternative investment division within GWIM. Anyone have any info on culture, pay, exit opportunities, work etc? PWM/GWM or AM?

I Specifically found this posting, which doe not provide a lot of answers though. I am interested the most in the Alternative Investments, Is this a PWM internship? PB? AM? does not seem very clear.

"Global Wealth and Investment Management (GWIM) provides comprehensive wealth management to affluent and high-net-worth clients. It also provides retirement and benefit plan services, philanthropic management and Asset Management to individuals and institutions.

Global Wealth and Retirement Solutions provides investment solutions across all product platforms, including equity, debt and structured products, alternative investments, and delivery of due diligence and cohesive investment management solutions for client portfolios. In addition, GWRS provides personal and institutional retirement solutions which include administration, recordkeeping, consulting and execution services to businesses and, their employees workplace-based benefit plans.

Our GWIM Summer Analyst Program is designed to offer you a structured 10 week internship including extensive on the job training, in addition to educational speaker events, coaching and mentorship throughout. Through the interview process, interns will be placed in one of the following specialist areas;

Alternative Investments - Responsible for offering of hedge fund, managed futures, private equity, precious metals and nontraditional mutual funds for advisors and clients for Merrill Lynch and US Trust
Markets Group - A capital markets, sales & trading-oriented organization that delivers innovative solutions to help clients meet their complex financial objectives. Our products and capabilities cover all asset classes including debt, equity, commodities, foreign exchange, interest rate products, and derivative instruments.
Managed Solutions Group - Provides production, administration, and sale of fee based platforms for Financial Advisors to deliver the full power of Merrill Lynch to their clients through tailored solutions. Allows advisors to give ongoing advice and guidance through fee base relationship.
Retirement and Personal Wealth Solutions - Provides institutional and personal retirement solutions for individual clients, employers, and plan participants

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Nov 8, 2016


Nov 8, 2016

PM me we had an intern in my office this summer, may or may not be able to answer questions...

Nov 23, 2016

Also interested if someone clarified this

Aug 14, 2017

Does someone have any updates on this?

Aug 14, 2017

Im pretty sure its primarily PWM. I believe they sold their AM division to BlackRock a few years ago.

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Aug 14, 2017

You were offered an internship and you did not ask what you were gonna be doing?

Aug 14, 2017