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Oct 10, 2007 - 12:43am

I think the answer to this quest is pretty easy. No one wants a numerical answer because there is none.

But seriously a woodchuck will chuck as much wood as it can chuck because the amount of wood it can chuck is dependent on such factors as:

I. The specie of the woodchuck
II. The shape of its legs
III. The life span of the wood chuck amongst others...

Of course, this is just my take on it. I don't know if its right but I am 99% sure that there is no specific numerical answer.

Oct 10, 2007 - 1:13am

the asumption that it will chuck as much as it can simply because of its name is problematic.
what if its mating season? when would it eat? sleep?

i was a philosophy major before i decided i didn't want to be poor. you cant win...

Oct 10, 2007 - 1:32am

a woodchuck will chuck as much wood as it can chuck because the amount of wood it can chuck is dependent on such factors as:

I. The specie of the woodchuck
II. The shape of its legs
III. The life span of the wood chuck amongst others...(such as the time of the year/season e.t.c)

the possible factors can continue ad infinitum;

The focus of this question is on wit and structure, period.

And P.S.- It can chuck as much as it can because "a woodchuck can chuck wood" and therefore a woodchuck can chuck as much as it can to the extent that it is constrained by outside factors.. (I was obviously just kidding when I said "lol..because it is a woodchuck."

Fine: How many meals can a human eat if a human can eat meals?

I think the answer to both quests are straightforward

Oct 10, 2007 - 10:59am

how do you know it would be inclined to allocate all of its time and energy to the task of chucking wood. i agree that the amount it CAN chuck is constrained by external factors...thats not my point. how do you know that the amount it WILL chuck is a function only of outside things.

this is becoming absurd.

Oct 10, 2007 - 8:18am

Is this woodchuck african or european?


Oct 10, 2007 - 1:53pm

Hi all! First post here. I'll be attending the BoA superday tomorrow (it's technically two days, with a dinner tomorrow and interviews Friday). All I know so far is that there are three superdays this year. One is this coming Thurs/Fri, the other is the 25th/26th, and the last is the first week in November.

Cheers fellows

Oct 10, 2007 - 6:23pm

I hadn't realised that there had already been one. I'm not sure that I go to what's called a "target school," but some of my mates and I received superday invites, and they were for tomorrow, and then the 25th/26th and also the first week in November. Hopefully they'll be hiring a lot of people if there's that many superdays, haha.

It's good to know that there is such a quick turnaround for offers, though! Do you (or anyone else, for that matter) know what the offers have looked like in terms of bonus/salary figures?

Oct 10, 2007 - 6:37pm

afalcon i have no idea if i got an offer but you couldnt be more wrong. it took them over two weeks to get back to me with SA offer. clearly they are comparing internal and external candidates as a general pool

Oct 10, 2007 - 6:39pm

nope, usually they just know who they want and offer very quickly afterwards ... hopefully im wrong though - lets keep this active and see if anybody hears next week!

Oct 10, 2007 - 6:43pm

BAML has another superday friday. I initially had a conflict and they said they could accommodate me then but then I made things work to interview earlier. ALthough, i really cant imagine them waiting until all of their superdays to extend offers. thats rather unheard of

Oct 10, 2007 - 6:47pm

Banks don't make you wait for 3 weeks to find out if you get an offer. If you got an offer, they'll want to tell you ASAP. I was given my offer while I was still in the cab back to my hotel from the interview.

Oct 10, 2007 - 7:02pm

i figured there would be which is why i moved things around

cool looks like we will hear in the next two days if we got an offer or not.. everybody post when you hear either way & list from what group the offer is or which groups you got dinged by.

Oct 10, 2007 - 7:07pm

anybody else here? my assumption is they have offered/dinged the top/bottom candidates but the rest of our fates lie with those that have received offers.

Oct 10, 2007 - 7:15pm

UCmonkey, do you know when offers will begin to go out? This is the quite the waiting period - would rather receive an offer or just get dinged and move on haha

Oct 10, 2007 - 7:31pm

Were any of you at a S&T superday, not for a research position or quant track?

If so, what was the superday like? What kinds of questions?

Oct 10, 2007 - 7:32pm

lot's of uncertainty here guys... best of luck to everyone who went thru the processs... they did interview what seemed to be an unusually high number of candidates on 10/1... im hoping to hear something today along with everyone else... all the best


Oct 10, 2007 - 7:40pm

Just heard back from the non-target recruiter (resume forwarded by alumni) and he mentioned they are starting first rounds within the next few weeks and aiming for a late October early November superday.

Hold tight guys, you are about to get some competition for those last few spots.

Oct 10, 2007 - 7:42pm

Okay boys and girls, allow me to shed some light. I keep reading the same questions over and over again even after the answer has been posted, that's not a good start to banking (assuming you kids get offers).

  1. Every group operates differently at baml. FT offers are ALL group specific, and as such, it is up to each group's discretion to determine timing of offers. I will say this one more time, some offers have been extended and accepted in various groups (again, it will vary from group to group); most of these offers were given to SA's from other groups/banks.

  2. Some of these offers were extended with a decision deadline for the first week of November. Therefore, some candidates have several weeks to accept their offers (some offers have not been accepted yet -- which inevitably leaves the majority of you in limbo).

Everyone needs to just relax and realize that there is nothing you can do at this point, it is out of your hands. Therefore, stop worrying and just go about your business enjoying your last year of college. Banking sucks ass, so stop wasting your time thinking about it while you still have ownership of your life. If you get an offer, come this time next year you will be wondering why you wanted to do this so badly lol.

Oct 10, 2007 - 7:49pm

Has anyone from the 10/8 superday heard back yet?

Just wondering b/c I have another offer with an upcoming deadline soon, I'd like to know if anyone has heard back yet before I get in touch with HR tomorrow.

Oct 10, 2007 - 8:52pm

Was there for ST past friday. haven't heard anything...which probably means we're dinged. ( i know there's the possibility but typically...) Other than that, I sent out thank yous and one of the guys responded, which probably doesn't mean anything. Just sharing my experience.

My guess is either we're dinged so they'll get back to us on Friday night or we're one of the weaker pool since they're still doing some interviews because of snow storm.

So far, I know one person got an offer monday afternoon.

Oct 10, 2007 - 9:03pm

On hold means they want you but there are people ahead of you in line. If you have any relationships with very senior people, now is a good time to call them if you're absolutely positive you want to work there. When I was put on hold for a group offer, they let me come back up and interview with two other groups that needed analysts. I'm not sure how it works for s&t. Also, this was for full-time hiring.

You just have to sit back and wait and hope some people don't accept their offers. The wait sucks, but I ended up getting an offer, for whatever that's worth.

Good luck.

Oct 10, 2007 - 9:04pm

I was at the super day for S&T, and I got a call from them on Monday with an offer.

Citi had put me on hold a couple weeks ago, so I made sure to email all of my interviewers to thank them for their time and stress how much I wanted to work there. Of course, Citi never called me back, so my advice might not be the best to go by -- depends on how BofA makes their decisions I guess.

Oct 10, 2007 - 9:10pm

Pretty late super day. I would guess that was the last one?

From earlier threads about their Superdays, it looks like they take a few days. What did they tell you during your interviews?

Oct 10, 2007 - 9:11pm
  1. It was the last one.

  2. HR said within the next week or two and earliest Wednesday 11/11 (e.g. tomorrow).

  3. No indications really in interviews.

While I would normally be dubious of #2 b/c in my (albeit limited) experience, HR often gets back to candidates fairly quickly, the "earliest Wednesday" statement is plausible in light of the somewhat unique interview format (which also accounts for #3 - e.g. the difficulty of gauging an indication). The interviews were set up such that you interview with a number of groups and then they look at how the various groups ranked you relative to how you ranked the groups as well as their hiring needs and decide to whom they want to extend offers.

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