Banking and Teach for America

Hi all,

I'm a current senior at a top-tier university (HYPS) who recently received an offer at TFA for post-graduation. In the past, I worked a summer analyst role at a large PE firm ($45B AUM) and an associate consultant role at a well-known non-profit.

Similar to others who have posted on this subject before, I believe I would learn a lot from the experience but am concerned about my ability to transition out of TFA and back into the private sector. I've been told by many advisors at TFA that moving back into business is a plausible option, but the stats tell me otherwise. According to TFA provided numbers, only 2-4% of TFA alums transition back into business/law. They continually tell me the corps is a way to expose future professionals to the struggles of American education so that they might become advocates later in their career, and not just a direct road into teaching.

Frequenting this forum has also turned me onto potential partnerships between MBB, Goldman Sachs, and other BB with TFA. My question is, do you think taking the 2-year role with Teach for America will negatively impact my ability to transition back into the private sector?

I understand this is a personal decision, but I'd really appreciate any thoughts or advice anybody might have.

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Sep 5, 2018