I've been out of college for 2 years and have been working for the past 2 years within Banking Technology. First worked for a boutique technology firm that built CRM Software for Wealth Management Firms and now work with a non-prestigious global Technology Services company as a Business Systems Analyst.

I want to do an MBA in 2 years and wanted to get into Strategy Consulting and then Product Management for a technology company or within Banking Technology itself. Bloomberg or BlackRock's Alladin have Product Management positions, if all falls into place then something like that.

My question is how lucrative is being a Business Systems Analyst for a bank in the US? I currently work in Canada and unless I work for a big 4 or contract independently I'll be looking at atleast another 5 years before I break 100k i.e 7 years of work exp.

I understand, I will never be making what i bankers or traders make. But what are the average salaries for Business Analysts/Product Managers within the technology departments at the banks in the US.

I currently work as a Business Systnms Analyst on Implementation or Migration projects involving Bloomberg, Markit systems.

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Any thoughts are welcome. !!

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