Barclays Operations Summer Analyst Interview

Hello guys,

I am a currently a Sophomore from a complete non-target and I got an interview for Operations at Barclays at Whippany, NJ.
My questions are: is this a good way for me to spend my summer? Has anyone here gone through the interview and summer internship role? I am pretty sure that the role is not even an IB operations one. Here is the structure of the interview:

Two 40-minute interviews
* Business Meeting (business specific challenge)
* Values based interview

I have been trying really hard to get an internship at a boutique but so far no luck so this is the best opportunity I have right now.

Thanks for your insights.

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Oct 28, 2019

Having also come from a non-target I think I can shed some perspective here as I now work in BO at a BB. You know it's not FO IB, okay well those are pretty damn tough to get. You're also a sophomore which means you'd have another summer to get another internship. IMO you have approx. 1% chance of landing a FO internship without having this experience in BO. Is it ideal, maybe not but it's a hell of a lot better than none of the above. I think the general consensus is that you will not be held with the same "stigma" having interned in BO as having worked in BO and could really use it to your advantage when looking for your 2nd internship. Would highly recommend pursuing it.

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Oct 28, 2019